Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: How can I be assured that an item is authentic? 

A: MovieMania pride themselves in conducting significant research on every item which we offer for sale. What makes us stand out from the crowd is that we ensure that all of our item's are backed by studio or crew member originated provenance in addition to our own unique certificate of authenticity. Why should somebody authenticate a prop when they had no involvement in the production of the film? Our focus lies in those in the industry who worked on the production and the companies who managed and created the items we offer for sale. By working closely with such ensures that our authentication process is robust and that we can offer sound provenance. This usually conists of a type-written letters from crew members, set polaroids, annotated notes, production tags, & call sheets.. Our primary goal is that if we cannot provide evidence that the item was used in the film, we will not acquire it ourselves.

Our Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

We strive to ensure that all of our memorabilia accompanies the most accurate provenance. In addition to this assurance, we include our Lifetime Money Back Guarantee; a document issued by MovieMania, for that added peace of mind. This document endorses, that should the purchased item become questionable within the lifetime of MovieMania, we would be obliged to investigate the matter to your satisfaction or issue a full refund at our discretion.



Copyright and Registered Trademarks

We always ask the relevant film studio, distributor or production company for permission to use Copyright protected imagery, logos, stills and trademarks before we display them on our website. In the majority of cases we pay royalties to the Copyright owners as well as having permission to use the imagery. In some cases, we are prohibited from displaying imagery, where, for example, a studio would not agree to grant permission for a specific title or franchise. We co-operate with these requests fully. We are also officially licensed by Sony Pictures and Warner Bros Entertainment to exhibit film clips, illustrating our memorabilia, to the general public at our showroom premises. We take adherence to Copyright law very seriously and refrain from violating it in the first instance. If you are a Copyright owner and wish to seek clarification of Copyright permission on our website or at our premises, please contact us and we will be happy to co-operate.

Q: How do you acquire your items?

A: MovieMania currently work with more than 90 Production Companies, 25 film studios and 34 visual and special effects companies accross the world. These contacts are growing every month and by working directly with them we can offer fully authenticated memorabilia to our customers. We also work with retired and freelance professionals in the film industry whose credits include a variety of blockbuster and oscar winning titles. 


Q: What Payment Methods do you Accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & process these payments securely via an encrypted merchant platform. For UK residents we also accept Cheques & Postal Orders made payable to 'MovieMania', or by bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer please contact us for details or follow the instructions at checkout.

Q: Do you have a newsletter to inform collectors of new items?

A: Yes. We have a monthly newsletter which details new items added to the website and also includes features and interviews from the world of movie prop collecting. To subscribe to our newsletter simply fill in the contact form; the link to which can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Q: I am looking for a particular item from a particular movie. How do I search for it on your website?

A: As well as browsing our extensive range of memorabilia, you may use our Search Facility, which allows collectors and enthusiasts to search for the items from their favourite movie. Simply choose the Search link located in the main menu at the top of each screen, enter your movie title or prop name and obtain the results. 

Q: How do I know if the piece I like was worn or used by my favourite actor?

A: Our research usually allows us to specify whether an item was screen-used, production-used or used by a specific actor. However it is common place for productions to use several identical props for reliability or accuracy purposes. This makes it difficult to clarify which of the multiple pieces was used in the shoot. Since film studios did not start to exploit the sale of their assets until recently the history of each prop in previous movies was never documented. All the items in the MovieMania collection are guaranteed to have been used during production and from the information we acquire we can usually specify additional details of it's involvement. There are certain characteristics of a prop which define it's involvement, for example, hero props or those used in close-up work are often created from more detailed and finer materials than those used for stunt and background work.


Q: Do you sell weaponry from movies?

A: We do not, and can not, sell de-activated or imitation firearms to customers residing in the United Kingdom on the grounds that it would be a violation of the recent legislation set by the Violent Crimes Reduction Act 2007. The Act ensures that it is a criminal offence to sell, manufacture, or import imitation firearms nationally within the United Kingdom. The only exceptions are those buyers who have evidence to suggest that their acquisition will be used primarily for theatrical work (TV and film productions), police and authority usage or licensed historical re-enactments. We advise collectors and enthusiasts to be vigilant when assessing the acquisition of firearm weaponry, whether de-activated or imitation. The restrictions can differ from country to country, though many of them are punishable by fine or even imprisonment.

The sale of hero metal guns:

We sell hero pieces that do not require a certificate of de-activation. These consist of weaponry which are antiques and of which calibres are obsolete and therefore do not require such a certificate. The sale of this type of weaponry is in accordance with Section 58 (2) of the Firearms Act 1968, for those items purchased primarily as a curiosity or ornament. A license is not required for this type of weaponry unless ammunition is possessed.



Q: Does each item include the frame / display case, or do I have to purchase this seperately?

A: Each and every item that we sell includes the framed display or acrylic case. The cost of this is included in the price that you pay for the item. We strive to not only offer customers the chance to own an ultimate movie collectable, but also to offer a striking aesthetic for their home cinema or games room. Each item is displayed using the best quality frame mouldings and materials and each is accompanied by the relevant hanging features so that you can easily display the piece on your wall.

Q: Do you buy movie props and wardrobe items?

A: MovieMania is always interested in buying new items subject to our authenticiation and acquisition process. If you are looking to sell and think that we might be interested please contact us using the link at the bottom of the screen.

Q: I have something a want framing... Do you offer a framing / casing-only service for memorabilia?

A: MovieMania has a sister company called Exclusive Prop Displays (EPD) which create custom displays specifically for movie memorabilia. We have an on-site workshop and use the best quality materials and technology to produce our display systems. For further details of this service or to receive a no-obligation quote, please visit the EPD website at:

or email:


We strive to ensure safe and secure delivery of items both nationally and internationally. The cost of delivery and packaging is individual to each and every item that we offer for sale and the various options will be available during our online checkout process. For larger or freight items we will ensure that we work with you to provide the most reliable and cost effective solution to delivery your items.

All of our parcels are sent fully tracked and insured and we work with several of the most reliable shipment companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and Parcelforce Worldwide.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

All sales of MovieMania, via our website, trading stands & auctions are final when the item has been paid in cleared funds and shipped. Refunds are decided at the sole discretion of MovieMania.If one of our items is proven to be inauthentic in accordance with the terms of our Money Back Guarantee, then the buyer will be provided with a refund. We advise customers to be aware of our terms and conditions of sale when proceeding with checkout and to be responsible when completing it. Refunds will be processed upon the return of the item. MovieMania will not be held responsible for any credit card processing fees and/or shipping/duty charges providing that the purchased item is returned in its original condition, excluding any damage.

Gift Vouchers:

We offer a Gift Vouchers in a variety of denominations. For further details about these please visit the Gift Voucher link located in the menu at the top of each page.

Copyright Notice:

Close-up images of props and displays are the property of MovieMania Ltd and should not be used outside of the website without the written permission of MovieMania Ltd.

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